UN: Iran Ordered Rafik Hariri Execution

In the name of Allah , the God of martyrs and the Truthful


Lebanon tension about Rafik Hariri’s international tribunal in these few days has caused problems in neighboring countries and has been in the headlines. An Inflammatory that Sayyed Hassan Nasroallah has named it as the “Zionist Fitna” which has very precise meaning. Perhaps on the day when the Zionist government pulled back the Syrian army from the Lebanese border with Fitna, no one would imagine that they thought of an attack, but then they attacked heavily, but of course suffered much heavier defeat.

This tension has increased to its highest after the meeting between Imam Khamenei and Emir of Qatar (+) in which it was mentioned the formality court and rejecting its verdict. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s speech in clarify the issue for the Lebanese people, destroyed Zionist plots that Zionist agents had worked several years on this project so they can make at least a sedition in Lebanon. This part of Imam Khamenie speech puts an end to all of the hesitations and discussions

l»  This court is a formality court and any verdict by them is rejected, we hope that influential Lebanese parties proceed according to intellect and wisdom, so this issue won’t become a problem, conspiracy in Lebanon will not have any fruits and we hope to improve the situation in an area  «l

هشدار حضرت ماه

This was the final word for all and in fact it spoilt all activities of the enemies which they had worked seriously on them for a few months recently and of course a few years of efforts. Perhaps for nearly one month after the speech of Imam Khamenei, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah emphasized on this situation;

l»  Some tell us to wait until the court passes the sentence, and then you raise your positions. But this suggestion is not consistent with our beliefs and we believe, we should not just watching Court, and because we believe this court’s verdict based on the oppression and false evidence, so we should not accept it. We do not let them to humiliate our dignity and honor  .»l

Zionist enemy, who sees the failure of his career by these two impacts, makes a stupid move. After the speech of Sayyed Hassan, the Court issued the indictment and with “tagged with secret”(+), sent it to the Media. This confidential file was the beginning of a psychological war. When it’s announced that maybe about 4-5 months in September 2011, the secret case will be opened(+) and defendants will be identified, this means that they have as much as time for psychic invasion and poisoning the atmosphere informally .


NewsMax has claimed (+)on 10 December;


l»  The man who bought the cell phones used in both murders was a member of Lebanese Hezbollah, but he was directly attached to the Iranian Quds force,” a source familiar with the French investigation told Newsmax  «l


<< The reference address of “NewsMax” can be found at the bottom of this article>>

This news has been declared exactly a month and a half ago

Sites of rancorous enemies of Iran that related to intelligence services of Israel and America began reproduce this news after almost two months for poisoning the atmosphere and accusing Iran and using the condition created by the court against Iran for more publishing News as unofficial and spreading unprecedented attack to Iran, religious leaders and Hezbollah forces. That including the following sites;


However it’s noteworthy;

After disclosing the audio tape conversation of late Mr. Hariri with one of the main witnesses of the court, Public opinion was suspicious of the whole story. When all their plots were destroyed, they realized that they have no choice but to show crazy movements, maybe they can blow Islam at least. The Iranian people have a certain conditions, anything which is supported by Israel and America, are rejected by them and will rise against it; people of Arabic countries listen also to Iran’s supreme leader. By expanding communications equipment such as Internet, western European people also are not like before. Today in America and in England, the popular protests have been formed against the separating and Imperialist war politics of their Governments. They won’t listen any more to their deceitful speeches.

This media attack against us has nothing for these Government except exorbitant costs .Our position is clear, this court is a formality court and is not sufficient and every sentence which is given by this invalidated Court  is not sufficient too and our last reaction to it, is a smile to their stupidity.

Creating a Google bomb against Iran, the Iran’s supreme leader and Hezbollah forces in Lebanon, only makes you more dishonorable and this Hezbollah forces will be more honorable, more brighter and more indicators.

It is better to say, today we are facing another shape of the Media War and whoever is able to do “Management of Thoughts”, will win.

Creating this Google bomb happens in our ignorance, but we will begin a widespread network counter-attack Insha’Allah


The original text of NewsMax ,which is the first step of the enemies against Islamic Republic of Iran(+)


اللهم عجـــــــــل لولیک الفرج

و احفظ لنا نائب المهدي امامنا الخامنه اي حتی یصل فرج مولانا المهدی(عج)

اللهم صل علی محمد وال محمد وعجـــــــل فرجهم

التماس دعای فرج

یا علی


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